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Special Reports/Presentations

Order a Recording and Presentation Materials from the 

September 21, 2004 Special Live Audio Conference 

Developing Successful 
Health Care Bran




How can your organization establish and maintain a brand that differentiates the organization and resonates with target audiences? How do you go beyond names and logos to ensure that the brand experience lives up to the brand promise?

What is the current state of organizational branding among health care providers nationwide? What do organizations plan in the next 12 months?

This special audio seminar will provide you with solid information on these and other issues and guide you in developing branding strategies that enhance your organization’s bottom line. 

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*Written Presentation, Survey Results, Audio CD Just $189

Bonus: An 83-page special report, Building Powerful Health Care Brands, $80.95 (regularly $98.95)


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Written Material

In an information-packed 90 minutes, which includes a 30-minute question and answer period, you will receive:

Results and implications of a National Survey on Organizational Branding, conducted this spring by Health Care Communications.  Based on survey results and telephone interviews, this will cover: 

  • The current state of organizational branding. Is the "brand" or "brand promise" clearly defined? Aligned with the organization’s business strategy and desired image? Is it understood by the general public, key target consumers, employees, physicians, employers, and others?

  • The major obstacles to effective brand development.

  • The resources or tools used to ensure brand consistency. How effective are they?

  • Why organizations have initiated special branding efforts. How were efforts supported and measured?

  • The portion of media spending allocated to branding versus programs or service lines.

Learnings from an organization that successfully told its story to the Akron, OH, community. Summa Health System – three hospitals, insurance company, physician health organization, foundation, and four community ambulatory sites – had great clinical care and high levels of patient satisfaction. But its market and even its employees didn’t know! This presentation will cover:

  • How Summa used research with external and internal audiences, along with the help of a strategy agency, to develop a distinctive brand position.

  • How senior management was persuaded to commit resources to the branding effort.

  • How a consistent look, feel, and promise was established for all of Summa’s various entities – with limited dollars.

  • How Summa came from behind to lift brand preference to eight percentage points above the competition. 

Reinvention of the brand in Savannah, GA. A new management team at Memorial Health, which is anchored by a 530-bed tertiary care hospital, revamped all aspects of its operations to boost financial performance and patient satisfaction. This presentation will cover:

  • How an understanding of key drivers of consumer preference led to a new brand positioning.

  • How a new name for its medical center and a unique brand identity for the organization created a high level of public awareness and interest.

  • How employee satisfaction has risen to the point where Memorial Health was named to Fortune magazine’s list of 100 best companies to work for.


This important telephone conference will benefit anyone involved with brand development.

  • Marketing and Public Relations Executives
  • Business Development Directors
  • Service Line Managers
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Operations Executives
  • Webmasters


  • Rebecca Keightley, Director, Marketing, Memorial Health, 
    Savannah, GA
  • Christopher Kostoff, Director, Corporate Communications and Support, Summa Health System, Akron, OH
  • Susan Solomon, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications, MemorialCare Medical Centers, Long Beach, CA, and author of Building Powerful Health Care Brands


Audio conference attendees will receive written presentation materials on developing successful health care brands.  They will also receive a copy of the National Survey on Organizational Branding.


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