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Strategic Health Care Communications - Audio Conference 2008
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Webinar Conference

Hear from experts on effectively using online marketing to drive profits


Get the Greatest Return from Your Online Advertising
Keys to Success with Banner, Video, and PPC Ads

U.S. marketers spent an estimated 24 percent of their budgets on digital pursuits last year, with a double-digit spending increase projected in 2014. Most healthcare organizations, however, are devoting a small fraction of their budgets to highly targeted, cost-efficient digital marketing. Is a lack of understanding of the ins and outs of online advertising holding back healthcare?

In this new webinar, you will learn how to best approach the online advertising landscape to drive service-line success and support the organization’s brand. You’ll gain a full appreciation of how to use different digital tools – display banners, video, mobile, pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, and others – to boost awareness and drive patient volume.

Hear from marketing professionals from cutting-edge healthcare organizations on how they have used online advertising to successfully promote their services. You will also benefit from their descriptions of best practices in digital campaigns and tracking of results.

The program will cover:

* How to approach online advertising. * Lessons from extensive online advertising at a Northern California system. * How banner ads and search marketing lifted patient portal sign-ups and increased cancer center appointments in Cleveland. * PPC and display banner success achieved by a Michigan system

This 90-minute program, held July 17, 2014, included time for questions and answers.

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Developing a Unified Brand for Today’s Health Care

The health care landscape is changing dramatically. No longer can health care providers succeed as a loose confederation of entities and relationships, or have a poorly defined, undifferentiated brand position and image. Today’s health care environment rewards integration, efficiency, a clear identity, and strong, meaningful core values that are understood and resonate with both internal and external audiences.

Health care marketers are becoming chief integration officers, orchestrating the many brand touchpoints to speak with a unified voice. They are going beyond names and logos to ensure the brand experience lives up to the brand promise and is aligned with the organization’s business strategy. This special webinar will provide you with a step-by-step process to assess your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and validity for the future. You will learn how to understand key drivers of consumer preference, secure leadership support and buy-in for a branding evaluation, and execute the key components that go into building a great health care brand.

Is your organization considering re-branding because of an acquisition, joint venture, merger, or a new strategic direction? Or is there just the need to communicate a more coordinated and consistent message throughout the organization and with the public? Whatever the case, you will benefit from this webinar’s practical advice.

The program will cover:

* The latest trends in health care branding and best practices for developing a re-branding program. * Yale New Haven Health’s journey to align its brand strategy with a new business vision. * How a large health system created a unified brand and its positive results.

This 90-minute program, held April 24, 2014, included time for questions and answers.

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